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a company that does research for hire and issues reports on the implications

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I'M feeling totally cheated this week after discovering that Smiley Smiley Carol Smillie isn't the brain box we were led to believe.
A HOSPITAL school in Coventry is celebrating the arrival of new computers thanks to TV brain box Carol Vorderman.
PRETTY CLEVER Ellen Winter BRAIN BOX Excited Zohaib yesterday
Flex their mind muscles with The Brain Box range of memory games from Green Board Games with Around the World, English History, Discovering Dinosaurs and Kings & Queens topics to choose from.
But no matter what I did, Viggo was still there, thrusting, writhing, grappling, hunkering down starkers and, ugh, mooning me directly in my brain box.
The brain box - a Cardiff University student studying maths - used his grey matter in the ring as he kept his jab working to ensure his potentially dangerous opponent did not get a chance to pounce.
But no - thanks to the council brain box that had the bright idea to sell the car parks to private firms.
I'll bet you didn't know that and here's something else to discombobulate your brain box - Randy Gay
Life, declares one best-selling brain box of an Italian novelist, is ``a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.
Accepting defeat brain box Carol, famed for her high IQ, said: ``I was so happy with tonight.
He plucked a nugget from his brain box at the weekend - either that or he's had a look at the rough draft of the Craig Brown book of alibis.
NORTH Wales brain box Carol Vorderman has dealt another blow for the older woman -she has become GQ magazine's most popular pin- up in two years.
Johnny, who now travels across the UK promoting maths and science in musical stage shows for kids, has always been known as a brain box.
The film tells the story of school jock Troy and brain box Gabriella who get together for the school musical - much to the horror of their pals.
A brain box she may well be,but that remark strikes me as being just about the most patronising thing it is pos-sible to say.