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Synonyms for Braille

French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)

a point system of writing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals

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transcribe in braille

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Teachers may use special tools that involve some added training for students, including audio material ("talking books"), special clocks and watches, braillers and transcribers, and sensory training devices.
In 2008, PDT worked with Perkins Products to develop a lighter, more efficient and durable Next Generation Perkins Brailler that is now actively used in classrooms and homes around the world.
Initial writing lessons consisted of Ajay learning to load paper and operate the brailler independently, skills he mastered in a matter of weeks.
The participants, ages 6 to 19, competed in challenging categories requiring them to transcribe, type and read braille at a furious pace using a device called a Perkins Brailler .
Miss O'Donnell had been a life long member of Blessed Sacrament Parish, a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the Retired Educators Association of Massachusetts, Southern Worcester Chapter, (REAM); the Harvard-Radcliffe Club, the Worcester Art Museum, Smithsonian Institute, the Clark Alumni Association and the American Association of University Woman, (AAUW) Following her retirement Miss O'Donnell volunteered at the American Antiquarian Society, the Worcester Art Museum as a docent and the American Society for the Blind as a reader and as a Brailler.
It may mean the transcription of a textbook with the Brailler machine or computer training at cost for some individuals.
Another subject used a Perkins brailler to record her responses, which were later transferred to the appropriate answer form for scoring.
The Next Generation Perkins Brailler is a huge step forward for greater literacy - and, therefore, greater employment possibilities - which will help more people who are blind to live more independently.
Brailler Perkins (Standard Perkins Brailler-emboss 25lines with42 cells On 11" x 11 Vi sheet)
The participants, ages 6 to 19, will compete in challenging categories requiring them to transcribe, type and read braille at a furious pace using a device called a Perkins Brailler .
To provide accessible mobile phone to visually impaired students of the age of 18 years and above only, once in five years and to provide laptop, Braille Note Taker and Brailler to school going disabled students (10th and above), once in 10 years.
The reflections on the preliminary stages showed that Cathy was not using a brailler because of her left hemiplegia, and as a result she did not know braille at all.
The club donated $1,340 toward the purchase of the Mountbatten Pro Brailler, which is intended to allow the pupil to participate more fully in class, according to Elizabeth S.
Since UEB is already being used internationally, it is built into current Duxbury Braille Translation software, popular refreshable braille devices, and the Mountbatten Brailler.
Moreover, DepEd will earmark 25 percent for the procurement of assistive technology devices like Perkins Brailler, Braille display, speech synthesizer, canes, magnifiers, writing slate and stylus, abacus, Job Access with Speech program (JAWS), computer, sports, musical instruments, speech trainer, vestibular balls, sensory integration materials, early stimulation devices, adapted PE apparatuses, sewing machines, stove, cooking wares, and carpentry tools for the work centers/transition program.