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Synonyms for Braille

French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)

a point system of writing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals

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transcribe in braille

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Congregations should be encouraged to obtain a braille Book of Praise in that same spirit of inclusion and Christian hospitality.
The advantages of offering braille material on the Internet are obvious: a user needing immediate access to specific information contained in an online braille book can obtain it in a matter of minutes, without waiting for the mail or dealing with bulky volumes.
I was particularly concerned when the National Library for the Blind (the biggest supplier of Braille books in Europe) began to produce a new range of digital audio CDs, which can only be listened to on a computer.
RNIB Cymru has published its first catalogue of Welsh language Braille books for adults, with the support of the Welsh Language Board.
It said the lack of Braille books and specialist technology in schools mean blind children are being disadvantaged.
the NFB will conduct its popular Braille Book Flea Market.
Be it blood donation, cancer care, Braille book typing or beach cleaning, VIE's broad umbrella is all encompassing and penetrates areas uncovered.
A Braille book, produced for circulation purposes by a library, is unlikely to be sold to the prejudice of its original publisher.
The other major initiatives which were launched by the Minister today include Swachh Bharat Swacch Smarak E-Poster, booklet on Badhte Kadam -Hunar Se RozgarTak, Swachh Bharat Swachh Pakwan (HunarZayka), Mega Project Destination Development of Gwalior, Braille Book on Delhi Monuments and Adarsh Smarakin which 25 monuments will be developed as model monuments.
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children to Hold Braille Book Flea Market
The book entitled Touch the Earth is the first Braille book combining MODIS Sensor imagery and science content from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) along with the TUI technology of Somatic Digital.
Reading a braille book for pleasure is a concept that many blind people and many teachers of the blind simply do not have.
Limited Tenders are invited for Prepration Of Braille Books
Al-Marzouq added that blind people rarely can be found seeking scientific majors, as the books in that specialty are very hard to be transformed to -Braille language- (which is a special language used by blind people), calling on universities and governmental institutions to offer braille books in that field.
She proudly took each story home to read to her parents, and requested that an extra copy of each of her stories be embossed so that she could put it on the shelf in the visual impairment resource room with other braille books available for supplemental reading materials.