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a member of a Dravidian people living in Pakistan

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an isolated Dravidian language spoken by the Brahui in Pakistan

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Muhammad Ali Manjhi on his book "Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed ain Sandas Silsley Ja Shair", Khushhall Khan Khattak Award for Pashto Language is given to Saeed Gauhar on his book "Pa Obo Ke Tage", Mast Tawakli Award for Balochi Language is given to Munir Ahmad Badini on his book "Hazareen Pasani Shap", Khwaja Ghulam Farid Award for Saraiki Language is given to Habib Mohana on his book "Allah Lahesee Moonjhan", Taj Muhammad Tajal Award for Brahui language is given to Johar Brahui on his book "Allah Akbar", Patras Bukhari Award for English Language is given to Ejaz Rahim on his book "Safwat Ghayoour And Other Poems", and to Khaled Ahmad on his book "Word For Word" Muhamamd Hasan Askari Award for Best Translation work is given to Masood Ashar on his book "Zakham Ka Nishan".
2 Robert Caldwell (1875 [1913: 39-40, 633-35]), working in a larger and less formal frame, held Brahui not to be Dravidian, but closely related.
Chapter 5 on Brahui n/r verbs is a thorough study in comparative morphology.
Speakers will deliver their lectures on Brahui language and culture.
Their papers on Brahui language, its history and origins were presented in the conference.
In the Noza sub watershed in Pakistan a Brahui woman on average works seventeen longer hours during the production season" [FAO (1997-1)].
The majority of people living in Balochistan province speak either Balochi or Brahui.
Naseer Aaqii is the second novel published so far in Brahui.
The departments offer MPhil in Pakistani Languages and Literature with specialization in Pashto, Balochi, Brahui, Sindhi, Saraiki and Punjabi languages.
The local languages include Balochi, Brahui, Pashto, Hinko, Punjabi, Saraiki and Kashmiri.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Minister Baluchistan Dr Abdul Malik Baluch on Sunday praised the academic role of Allama Iqal Open University (AIOU) for promoting local languages especially Baluchi and Brahui and said his province was taking legislative and administrative measures in various phases for introducing them at school, colleges and university level.
Awngi (Cushitic), Oromo (Cushitic), Hindi-Urdu, Ossetic (Iranian), Pashto (Iranian), Balochi (Iranian), Brahui (Dravidian), Sango (Niger-Congo), Tatar (Turkic), Uyghur (Turkic), Georgian, and Lak (Caucasian).
Arguing from the anomalous geographical position of the North Dravidian tongue Brahui in Baluchistan, far removed from the bulk of Dravidian speakers in southern India, Sir John Marshall suggested in 1924 that the language of this Bronze Age civilization was some form of Dravidian; this hypothesis has dominated the discussion ever since, and Parpola advances many points in its favour.
Abdul Malik Baluch who was chief guest on the occasion praised the academic role of AIOU for promoting local languages, especially Baluchi and Brahui and said his province was taking legislative and administrative measures in various phases for introducing them at School, Colleges and University level.
ISLAMABAD -- Speakers at a twoday international conference on Brahui Language and Literature Saturday lauded the role of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) in promoting Pakistani languages.