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German composer who developed the romantic style of both lyrical and classical music (1833-1897)

the music of Brahms

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The main work here is a sonata by the redoubtable suffragette Dame Ethel Smyth, a splendidly Brahmsian composition, and there are shorter pieces by Elizabeth Maconchy, Phyllis Tate and another sonata by Irena Wieniawska, the daughter of the famous Polish violinist and composer.
1876-77), while a sense of Liszt's fascination with thematic transformation pervades the freely designed Fantasie Sonata of 1878, and a more mature, controlled Brahmsian approach characterizes the late D-Major Sonata of 1888.
The lyricism of the earlier trios bears a Brahmsian influence.
That gives a clue to his music, which has Brahmsian echoes - romantic, contrapuntal with sometimes dense textures - but tuneful and approachable.
Another mid-European worthy of revival is Franz Schmidt, clearly a Brahmsian disciple.
In addition, he treats issues of biographical significance, artistic development, and Brahmsian style.
The post-modernist concoction of a portion of keyboard on a plate is in Brahmsian dark colours, but otherwise it misses the spirit of this exceptional recording in every respect.
Collins and pianist Michael McHale are equally adept at conjuring up the silver-grey melancholy of Stanford's very Brahmsian sonata, the lush Celtic twilight romanticism of Sir Arnold Bax's work and Bliss's graceful and evocative Pastoral.
In a novel twist that helps to enrich his critical perspective, Horton identifies as "the single factor uniting these trends" a consistent "revisionist motivation" that goes back to debates about Bruckner's music in the 1880s and "the desire to defend him against the ridicule of Hanslick and the Brahmsian faction" (p.
Needless to say it is quite Brahmsian, and if not a masterpiece is well worth hearing, deserving a place in the concert hall.
Clarinettist Mark O'Brien joined the quartet for the Brahms B minor Quintet, not as a highlighted soloist but as an integral part of the lovely Brahmsian texture throughout, with all players appearing in musical spotlights from time to time.
19) from the Handel Variations, "is a Brahmsian not a Bachian Siciliano" (p.
What I wanted to do was in a way a homage to Brahms and I was aware of the importance of this task and the fact that I needed to do this really well and in authentic Brahmsian style.
BCMS again provided a platform for young talent, the Ruisi Piano Trio giving a sturdily Brahmsian performance of John Ireland's Phantasy Trio.
Even his devotion to the German classics had an effect, since his Brahmsian emphasis on generative process and classical economy is a notable feature of the music of Vaughan Williams.