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Synonyms for brahmin

a member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family)

a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas

the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

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The Kshatriyas, however, needed the Brahmins to validate their claim to royalty by the construction of mythologies and genealogies to link their ancestry with ancient deities and epic heroes (Thapar 293, 324).
Vijayvargiya's comment came after the Trinamool Congress organised a massive "Brahmin and Purohit Sammelan" (a Brahmin convention) in Bolpur town of Birbhum district.
The Dutts are a unique Saraswati Brahmin warrior clan that over the centuries have excelled in bravery and spiritual purity.
With an objective of creating a marriage platform for prospective brides and grooms, Coimbatore Brahmana Mahasabha and Ayyappan Puja Sangham in association with Sri Sankara Matrimony is organizing a 'Mega Matrimony Meet' for Brahmin Community on 3rd December-2017 at Coimbatore.
promote policies favoring not only Brahmins but also other, non-Brahmin
Sharma said Pathak joining BJP will help the party consolidate Brahmin votes.
Immediately afterward, however, on returning to the agrahara and meeting with the other brahmins, Praneshacharya "felt not only remorse, but a lightness" because "he was now a free man, relieved of his responsibility to lead the way" (77).
Besides his taking care of his sickly wife, Praneshacharya regularly recites the Vedic puranas and scriptures and sacred Hindu legends to the other Brahmins who have a high regard for him as the "Crest Jewel of Vedic Learning," an honorific appellation that befits only a few studious holy men.
Even dramas and other books for lay people written by Brahmins contained venomous propaganda against the Buddhists.
Most of the Brahmins adhere to the principles of Vedas and live their daily life strictly according to them.
They are eying the Muslims, the Brahmins and the Backwards.
He could understand pains of non- Brahmins who suffered from superstitions and beliefs that were imposed from outside.
Worse yet, he argued with the local kings and Brahmins about everything from how they were ruling their territories to the need to respect their wives.
Brahmins often provide the convenient focus of all of Nepal's inequality, but far more goes on in the country than can be tacked onto one group.
The little terror also endears herself to some of her sad new sisters, among them polar opposites Shakuntala (``Bandit Queen's'' Seema Biswas), who truly believes her life of quiet deprivation is God's will, and beautiful Kalyani (Canadian-born supermodel Lisa Ray), whom Madhumati hypocritically pimps out to wealthy Brahmins on the other side of the river.