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Synonyms for Brahmanism

the religious and social system of orthodox Hinduism


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the religious beliefs of ancient India as prescribed in the sacred Vedas and Brahmanas and Upanishads

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The valiant armed forces of Pakistan are bravely fighting the evil forces of terrorism and extremism internally, and the cowardly attacks of Indian Brahmanism on the Line of Control in Kashmir.
Nicolas Revire's article, 'Dvaravati and Zhenia in the seventh-eighth centuries: A transregional ritual complex', challenges the overly strict division of Buddhism and Brahmanism during first-millennium Thailand and Cambodia.
These movements crystallised distinct public spheres--the former around the lower castes and their cultural and economic emancipation from the dominance of Sanskritic Brahmanism, and the latter around the rural poor in India who used the power of 'voice' to denounce corruption and announce an ethic of governance based on transparency and accountability.
The upper caste Brahmanism is a sort of threat for the lower castes, which continue to struggle for survival in face of the Brahmanic might.
large-scale, cross-social spectrum of beliefs and practices-- incorporating the supernatural powers of spirits, deities and magic --that have emerged out of the interplay between animism, supematuralism, folk Brahmanism, the worship of Chinese deities and state-sponsored Theravada Buddhism, (p.
There are some similarities with Buddhist karma and rebirth here, and we should not be surprised to find that Brahmanism might have influenced Buddhism because the Buddhist texts feature Brahmins and their beliefs quite prominently and record many Brahmin converts.
The System of the Vedanta According to Badarayana's Brahma-Sutras and Sankara's Commentary thereon set forth as a Compendium of the Dogmatics of Brahmanism from the standpoint of Sankara.
El Saadawi displays agnostic tendencies and speaks of the order of the universe and an ultimately knowable soul as possible forms of deities, in close acquaintance with the Indian tradition of Brahmanism.
Though Buddhism had risen against this apartheid Brahmanism had almost obliterated it by the time Muslims ventured into the subcontinent and adjusted their outlook to the elements of local culture (Iqbal 1996).
Sweden, July 28 -- When Chinese Buddhist pilgrims toured India in the 5th and 7th century, they found that Buddhism had virtually disappeared in its Gangetic homeland, under the imperial force of Brahmanism, though it still thrived in Afghanistan and Central Asia.
She also exposes racial prejudices Brahmanism gender discrimination terrorism American imperialism Globalization and construction of The Narmada Dam at the cost of the dislocation of millions of Dalits and the marginalized communities of India in her writings.
Theosophy, Helena Blavatsky's flamboyant reinterpretation of pre-Vedic Brahmanism and Buddhism, saw all phenomena fast and foremost as productions of subjective consciousness.
The topics include the Brahmanas and the sacrificial systems, the Buddhistic movement and its influence on Brahmanism, the doctrine of devotion (bhakti) as developed in the puranas and tantras, and modern castes.
7) The main teachings of Christianity are not excluded from this alternative metaphysical system (as Randolph says in the film, "one of the first men to [adopt this way of life] went to the cross at the age of thirty-three"), but they have been supplemented by a series of ideas that were taken from Buddhism and Brahmanism.
This concept slashes the roots of rule of man over man, and negates the concept of kingship, dictatorship, priesthood and Brahmanism.