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the Creator

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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

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Moreover, in crackdown against quackery in the rural area of Wah, a clinic was sealed in Brahma which was being run by quacks.
If the Commission acted rather promptly by registering an FIR within hours of prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi allegedly violating electoral laws by displaying the BJP's lotus symbol, it should have moved more speedily to tackle the issue of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi entering the voting area of polling booths in Amethi, Brahma suggested.
Samath's statement came a day after Brahma had admitted to their being a "communication gap" between Varanasi District Magistrate and returning officer Prajwal Yadav and the BJP over the issue of granting permission for a rally in the Muslim-dominant and congested Bemiyan area of Varanasi.
According to the Chirang police, as cited by the BBC News, a man reported that his wife had been raped during the night by Brahma.
This year's keynote speaker is 96-year-old mentor and lecturer Dadi Janki, joint administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.
The Advanced[TM] Series Pro-Flo X Brahma pump model PX1510 features a flanged 76mm (3") top inlet and bottom discharge.
Brahma House, The Avenue, Medburn, is for sale through Foster Maddison at pounds 995,000, tel: (0191) 222-1066.
InBev is looking to boost the street-level appeal of its Brahma brand with a new 75,000 [pounds sterling] advertising campaign.
I wonder if she has considered Brahma cross cattle?
FIVE-TIME Australasian Group 1 winner Darci Brahma has had his stud fee set at NZEUR30,000 (pounds 10,744/EUR15,991).
InBev USA will continue to market and sell the Labatt and Brahma brands through a separate distribution network.
Think again, for after Ronaldin-ho, Brahma Beer is fast becoming one of the nation's best known export.
Executives at InBev, the official name of the company following the 2004 merger of European brewing giant Interbrew and Brazil's AmBev, think they can ride the trend on a chilled bottle of Brahma, Brazil's top-selling light beer.