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(Norse mythology) god of poetry and music


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Our task: To stay awake as first-time feature screenwriter Bragi Schut engineers his ramshackle road trip as a series of plodding set pieces.
Our task: To stay awake through first time feature screenwriter Bragi Schut's medieval road trip in which intentional humour is offset by unintentional hilarity.
GY SEASON OF THE WITCH Cert 15, 95 mins You've probably never heard of first time screenwriter Bragi F Schut.
5) Wie Medousa (1947) van Van Eyck las, of Bragi (1901) van Schepers, de volledige Mei (1889) van Gorter, of de tweede versie van diens Pan (1916), kan schamper opmerken, net als Harold Bloom deed met betrekking tot John Ashberry's Self-portrait in a convex mirror: "lt would not have been thought a long poem by Browning, but rive hundred and fifty-two lines is a long poem for our damaged attention-spans these days.
Icelandic writer Bragi Olafsson's bizarre and compelling tale of Sturla Jon Jonsson's trip to a literary festival in Vilnius is "a quirky novel that's filled with insightful and wry observations about aging, family, love, and the mysteries of the hazelnut.
If Venter is "playing God," as the usual suspects immediately accused him of doing, it is a fairly minor god from a dead religion - Vucub Punahu, perhaps, or Bragi.
The movie, based on Bragi Schut's script, is the story of a girl suspected of being a witch.
Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Face and Body Salvation is an all-round skin saviour, which can be sprayed on to face and body.
Popstar Jamelia puts her perfect skin down to Dr Bragi Age Management Marine Enzyme, pounds 117.
According to Iceland's main daily newspaper, Morgunbladid, Eimskip's executive vice president of the North Atlantic division, Bragi Thor Marinosson, is attributing the increases to higher costs at foreign ports, general increases in prices and rising wages.
Bragi Age Management Marine Enzyme is a unique, non-greasy anti-aging serum, free of artificial additives or chemicals, making it hypo-allergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
A leading proponent was Bragi Arnason, a chemist nicknamed "Professor Hydrogen," who had argued as early as 1993 that Iceland was an ideal laboratory for showing the way toward the energy economy of the future.
The brainchild of a chemist named Bragi Arnason and nicknamed "Professor Hydrogen," the project will begin in the capital of Reykjavik, with the city's bus fleet drawing on hydrogen from a nearby fertilizer plant and later refilling from a station that produces hydrogen on site from abundant supplies of geothermal and hydroelectric energy--which furnish 99 percent of Iceland's power.
46) I have been able to decipher with confidence the signatures of seven noted poets, writers, and scholars of Icelandic literature among the rest of the names: Jon ur Vor, Einar Bragi, Kristjan Karlsson, Snorri Hjartarson, Hannes Sigfusson, Elias Mar, and Kristjan Bender.