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United States writer of science fiction (born 1920)

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Bradbury confesses to Weller, "I don't believe in masculine power.
With Hot Stove Economics, Bradbury turns his economist's eye toward "the main event of the hot stove league .
On 10 September 1755, at London's Old Bailey courthouse, Charles Bradbury was acquitted of the sodomy charges laid against him by James Hearne, a fourteen-year-old apprentice.
Bradbury, who suffers from endometriosis - a condition which can cause fertility problems - had feared she might never become a mother.
5 billion shortfall in the next biennium, which means Bradbury would need to find a total of $4.
In an e-mail sent from his home in Los Angeles, the 86-year-old Bradbury said he was excited to learn "Fahrenheit 451" had been selected and was looking forward to visiting Santa Clarita.
The inquest in Middlesbrough heard Mr Bradbury, 30, of Lane Side, Stockton, had gone for a walk after a disagreement with his partner Sue Joblin.
Bradbury and A4A co-founder Kieran Hayward kicked off a much smaller version of GuluWalk in July 2005 with a 31-day walk to promote advocacy and awareness for the children suffering in northern Uganda.
The second section of each chapter, subtitled "Thematics" and written primarily by Touponce, is a critical reading of the works under discussion with emphasis on both the overt images of carnival and the claim that the authors make in their introduction that Bradbury uses fantasy to grapple with and criticize the Freudian concept of the unconscious, Nietzschean nihilism, and the values of contemporary society.
Veteran Aussie documaker David Bradbury blows hot and cold in "Blowin' in the Wind.
BRADBURY STAR, winner of 18 of his 58 races including two Mackeson Gold Cups, has died at the age of 19, writes Andrew Scutts.
Bradbury writes again about October Country, a land he first wrote about in the 1940s.
Fantasy writer Ray Bradbury is still busy writing despite his advancing years.
Twenty years ago Bruce Bradbury, owner of Bradbury and Bradbury Art Wallpapers, saw the future in the pages of a magazine.
ROBIN REID'S INTRODUCTION to the work of Ray Bradbury is just that, an introduction.