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a modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence

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If you want them as a tasty starter with a butter sauce, take the flower as it is just beginning to open and boil the individual bracts.
When choosing a poinsettia, look for a strong-looking plant with brightcoloured bracts and deep green leaves all the way to the base of the pot," he advises.
Every year, farmers harvest about 2,300 tons of hops in the United States, but the bracts are not used for making beer and are discarded.
Its chunky flowerheads gather themselves together during April – a tight –packed bouquet of vivid lime green bracts nestling in soft green leaves with a touch of pink.
Shaggy - pretty white blooms with white florets, green-tipped bracts.
Also check to ensure coloured bracts are unblemished.
5-3 cm long; primary bracts distinctly exceeding the stipes but all shorter than the branches, without notable water-holding capacity, the basal ones resembling the upper scape bracts, the upper ones broadly ovate to orbicular, apex acute and apiculate, 2.
Red poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) need a certain amount of dark and light to get them to flower and have red bracts again.
The white flowers (bracts), produced profusely, have pointed bracts.
Although holiday decorators may think of poinsettias as big flowers, botanists see all that red fandangle as bracts, or modified leaves, that surround tiny true flowers.
Euphorbia millii ``Crown of Thorns,'' which shows off reddish bracts -- modified leaves that look like flowers -- throughout the year, is available both as a compact, cushiony dwarf and as an upright, branching thorn bush that eventually reaches a height of nearly five feet.
Choose the largest cones you can find, with loose, open bracts.