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Gold bracteates are a peculiar type of amuletic pendant.
Axboe has written extensively on bracteates since, continuing to refine his study of their production and relative chronology, and reporting on new finds.
Axboe repeated his investigation to look at regional groups of bracteates separately, identifying essentially the same four groups in southern Scandinavia (S1-S4), but just three in Norway (N1-N3).
In contrast, both the gold bracteates, the two fragments of which are discussed by Morten Axboe, and the figural gold foils are characteristic Scandinavian artefacts.
A short period of 100-150 years was a 'Golden Age' from which a large number of deposits contain gold in the form of decorative fibulae, bracteates, sword-buttons, guldgubber (stamped figures on thin sheets of gold-plated metal), arm- and neck-rings, and gold fragments.
27) Circular gold bracteates exist in some quantity from the early Anglo-Saxon period, but these are uninscribed.