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a freight car with roof and sliding doors in the sides

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Several of the box cars, produced by Weaver Ultra Line Cars, highlight current and past Chrysler brands including Dodge, Mopar, DeSoto and Plymouth.
New characters have been added to the Thomas Wooden Railway range including Arthur, Toad, Scruff, Duncan, Fergus, Skarloey, and Devious Diesel, alongside three new feature twin-pack sets - Box Cars, Sodor Dairy Cars and the Light-Up Aquarium Cars.
Together they fed the younger boys chocolate, then swept them toward the orphanage and away from the oncoming box cars.
AA: Riding my bike, making soap box cars and hanging out in the tree house with my best friends Gina Lash, Gordy Rhinehart and Johnny Abatti.
Hotchkiss says being directly linked to CN's vast car supply should enable them to utilize more flat cars instead of the 10 to 15 box cars they ship out on weekly basis.
Box cars and snake eyes, the Boston, full-house, five-book no-trump uptown, six-book hearts-trump downtown.
The railroad cars, which are located in Hooks, TX, consist of steel tankers, steel box cars and steel flat beds.
There should be nothing unusual about railroad crossings, but recently it seems that the intersection of cars and trains has been anything but usual in the Valley, and as the box cars started rolling past, I found myself thinking about William Huskisson.
Timken's solution has enabled Rana Gruber to increase load capacity on its box cars by 20 percent and significantly lower operating costs.
Total quantity or scope: 40 pieces of freight box cars up to 3.
Orders during the fourth quarter were comprised of a variety of railcar types including tank cars, covered hopper cars, auto racks, box cars, and coal cars.
In Huntsville, students searched for a hidden treasure with GPS devices, measured the density of micrometeorites, built and raced cereal box cars, and participated in a systems engineering project involving catapults.
All participants will design their own Cereal Box Cars to take home.
As highly skilled pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen destroyed 251 enemy aircraft; sank a German destroyer using only their machine guns; and disabled more than 600 box cars, locomotives and rolling stock.
Throughout Indiana, the Norfolk Southern Railroad houses track maintenance workers in mobile "camp cars," which are nothing more than converted box cars or trailers with non-potable water, outdoor toilets, and 6-8 workers per room.