Bowman's capsule

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thin double membrane surrounding the glomerulus of a nephron

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EGb 761 showed some beneficial effects in STZ diabetic rat kidneys: glomerular hypertrophy, dilation of the capsular space, thickening of Bowman's capsule BM, ultrastructural lesions on capillaries and podocytes were reduced, increase in collagen fibers of type I, III, and VI in the tubular interstitium was diminished, increased SOD activity was equalized.
Positive reactions for collagen types I, III and VI in control kidneys are localized mainly around larger blood vessels, and weaker in the tubular interstitium and at some Bowman's capsules.
EGb reduces also the apposition of granular or fibrillar matrix at Bowman's capsules.
Type III collagen in diabetic kidneys is increased around blood vessels and some capillaries, between collecting tubules and ducts and at isolated Bowman's capsules, type VI-collagen around blood vessels and capillaries (Fig.
EGb reduces the diabetically induced increase of collagenes except types I and VI between collecting tubules and at Bowman's capsules and type III around vessels (Fig.