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Synonyms for bowler

a cricketer who delivers the ball to the batsman in cricket

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a player who rolls balls down an alley at pins

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a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim

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For the first time that morning the Fynes saw the front door of the awful house open and the objectionable young man issue forth, his rascality visible to their prejudiced eyes in his very bowler hat and in the smart cut of his short fawn overcoat.
Away runs Jack, shouting and trusting to the chapter of accidents; but the bowler runs steadily under it, judging every spin, and calling out, "I have it," catches it, and playfully pitches it on to the back of the stalwart Jack, who is departing with a rueful countenance.
Himself a dangerous bat, a brilliant field, and perhaps the very finest slow bowler of his decade, he took incredibly little interest in the game at large.
It was a sight to see the professionals bowling like demons for the hard cash, for whenever a stump was hit a pound was tossed to the bowler and another balanced in its stead, while one man took #3 with a ball that spreadeagled the wicket.
No subtleties are lost up there; and if ever a bowler was full of them, it was A.
With a pitch to help me, I'd have done something big; as it is, three for forty-one, out of the four that fell, isn't so bad for a slow bowler on a plumb wicket against those fellows.
Skinner, with his small bowler hat on the back of his head, a fresh cigar in the corner of his mouth, and his thumbs in the armholes of his waistcoat, strolled along Broadway with something akin to a smile parting his lips, and showing his yellow teeth.
As if unable to grasp what is due to the difference of latitudes, he wore a brown bowler hat, a complete suit of a brownish hue, and clumsy black boots.
Ajmal, the prolific Pakistan spinner who was forced to remodel his bowling action after being reported for suspect action in Sept 2014, questioned the ICC's policies in a TV interview and asked why only bowlers from a few countries were repeatedly targeted for suspect actions.
App-based global bowling competition and analytics platform Rolltech said it has launched a skill-based network to connect bowlers around the country for daily, real-money bowling contests.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Rolltech, the app-based global bowling competition and analytics platform, has announced the launch of a groundbreaking, skill-based network to connect bowlers around the country for daily, real-money bowling contests.
TEST skipper Virat Kohli likes to play an aggressive brand of cricket and wants bowlers who can pick 20 wickets for him.
Like a mathematician doing his calculations, he totals all the weakness of his bowlers and subtracts them with correct methods.
IT'S the end of the line for Hudders-field's award-winning indoor bowlers.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan pace legend Wasim Akram's has advised Pakistani and Indian bowlers to stay fit in order to excel in Australian conditions.