Bowie knife

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a stout hunting knife with a single edge

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In the Antlers' dining room, chairs were also made at Nancy's factory with a Bowie knife meticulously hand carved into each chair back.
A FATHER out to avenge his son's mistreatment ended up in the dock after arming himself with an ornamental bowie knife.
Everything he did I copied and I still have the scar on my thumb from the time he made me hold a loaf while he hacked at it with his bowie knife and missed.
Set in the far west of Ireland on the Isle of Inishmore, psychopath Padraic, who sports two handguns, a cut-throat razor and Bowie knife, sets out to revenge the killing of his pet cat Wee Thomas.
Pitt is the square-jawed Tennessee mountain man who is a dab hand at carving swastikas with his bowie knife on the foreheads of the few Germans he lets live.
Gregor Douglas twice refused to hand over any cash to Shaun Butler, even though he was brandishing what the judge said was a vicious-looking Bowie knife.
A fearsome Bowie knife is inscribed with the name of the infamous Black Ball Capt James Nichol Forbes.
Under her influence, he kills men through duels, accident or outright murders with the help of his trusty custom-made knife, the titular Iron Mistress that became known as the Bowie knife.
Heath, of St Marks Road, Tipton, admitted possessing the Bowie knife and wounding 20-year-old Daniel Poole.
00) provides high-quality and large-size step-by-step line drawings to accompany specific insights on bowie knife engagements.
In March 2003, PC Robinson, together with PC Helen Hunter, were part of a team executing a search warrant at an address in Sunderland when they were confronted by a 16-year-old youth with a six-inch Bowie knife.
7) Damien Petrick gives all his attention to crafting a very special Bowie knife.