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United States pioneer and hero of the Texas revolt against Mexico

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Stern, who will broadcast the retrospective Friday on his channel on satellite radio provider SiriusXM, said that Bowie was one of his first musical loves.
It started airing this week, which marks two years since Bowie died at age 69.
Now celebrating its third year, the Dublin festival's inaugural event officially closed on 9 January 2016, the day before Bowie died.
You meet a lot of your parents' friends who are actors who are really struggling or you meet child actors who are being driven crazy by the demands on their time," Bowie told (https://parade.
Laurence Knight plays a convincing lead role as Bowie - he has the same tall, skinny build, some impressive Bowie dance moves and, while not a dead ringer facially, he has the most important factor - the voice.
CCR will combine the assets of Bowie, the marketing and logistics platform developed by Bowie, MEC's management and operational expertise and coal from MEC's Lila Canyon mine, and the coal marketing expertise of Javelin and CLISA to create a western U.
Between them, the band have more than 30 years' experience of playing with Bowie and will share plenty of anecdotes along the way.
Relive the best of Bowie KEEPING Bowie's music alive, Celebrating David Bowie features the star's legendary tour band members - and guest singers playing some of the most iconic tunes ever written.
Bowie Resource Partners, which is mostly-owned by the Galena Private Equity Resources Fund, announced that its founder and chairman stepped down (See People in the News, p.
at City of Bowie, 15901 Excalibur Road, Bowie, MD 20716, Room 243
Dubai Marina BOWIE TRIBUTE VOYAGE DAVID BOWIE fans are in for a treat with a mini-cruise in honour of the iconic singer who passed away earlier this year.
Tres anos mas tarde, David Bowie haria un comentario sobre esta revelacion: "Andy Warhol, Silver Screen / Can't tell them apart at all", cantaba en alguna parte del genial Hunky Dory.
THE grandchild that David Bowie never lived to see has been born and has been named after the pop legend.
David Bowie was, for almost 50 years, one of the most recognised and revered artists in the world, his influence transcending music to shape the wider culture of our time.
STILL Game's Gavin Mitchell will accept an award on behalf of David Bowie when the late star is inducted into the Barrowland Hall of Fame.