bow tie

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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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The superstar can be seen with a white collared shirt held tightly in place by a pink bow-tie round the neck.
Maury, I've made it a priority to get a bow-tie from Autism Speaks for April.
So it is sleeves rolled up and overalls on - fancy bow-ties and Versace suits are not for busy people.
Highlights of the bow-tie era were enhanced faculty scholarship, a multiplication of clinical opportunities, inauguration of a new business law program, including an excellent curriculum in intellectual property, and the founding of two scholarly journals: Animal Law, now in its thirteenth volume, and the Lewis and Clark Law Review, now in its tenth.
Perhaps the bow-tie era's most important environmental law program development was the hiring of Janice Weis as our program director.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Every office has its own cast of characters involved in romance, rivalry and revelation: the perky, collectable-addicted co-worker; the guy who wears bow-ties instead of the polo and khaki uniform; the warm and fuzzy "let's team-build
Bow-ties tell people you should be taken as an eccentric genius, and marital ties just mean you're as dumb as the next guy.