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outward curvature of the legs

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1971 Grandad Clive Dunn HIS most famous character was a doddery, bow-legged old soldier who had fought in Sudan where the enemy 'didn't like it up 'em'.
We swapped the strange covered items and boxes for a white bow-legged console.
The new ad for the brands' Swim Style Finder promotion features a noticeably bow-legged model who appears to have been photo-shopped to extreme proportions.
In days of yore, farmers stooping to pick their crop complained that it made them bow-legged and looking like asparagus spears.
Several members of the "original hip-hip boy band" Full Force, including lead singer Bow-Legged Lou, also came to one of Sobol's communities and spoke to residents about living responsibly.
HOVERING over the hum of the air that morning was a tone of surreptitious apology of the sort that the keen-eared observer might have associated with a cool, image-conscious young DJ on a grunge-rock music station about to play a Cliff Richard record for a listener's grandmother - a doughty, bow-legged lady, who has been on a diet of soup and stout since her final wisdom tooth lost an epic struggle with a Christmas walnut.
At which point someone thought of Karloff, who had been born bow-legged, with a stutter and a lisp, the latter something he never quite conquered.
If you take a breed like the Cavalier and continually try and reduce it in size, and incessantly use bow-legged dogs to breed from, then soon things are going to go wrong.
Underpronation can on occasion give a runner a bow-legged look from behind, in contrast to the splayed foot often seen in overpronators.
In order to avoid bow-legged animals, we made slightly angled cuts to the ends of the tubes before taping them on.
Some of them were hair-lipped, others were blear-eyed, or hump-backed, or bow-legged, or clump-footed; hardly any of them looked like other people.
Enjoy - or as the ``seafarin' '' Quint (Robert Shaw) would put it: ``Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women.
The link between varus thrust and worsening of osteoarthritis is partially explained by varus alignment of the static knee, which is defined as a hip-knee-ankle angle of more than 0[degrees] in the varus, or bow-legged, direction, she said.
Some flaws are not that serious--we may be bow-legged, or gain weight too easily for our liking.