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outward curvature of the legs

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I will not mention the dog who was apparently the deal of the century and turned out to be a one-eyed, bow-legged scrap called Randy.
The ninth sentence has a bow-legged audacity I rather enjoyed: "Tom grunts like a girl as he hurdles a black-spotted sow.
11) If the smiths were bow-legged, kongons would be no vague abuse, but a precise insult.
As for Wyoming's low consumption of wine, I can only reflect that my perception of a cowboy is of a weatherbeaten, bow-legged type (of the kind you see in the Marlboro ads), gulping shots of whiskey down in a saloon.
Souvenir, a kind of bow-legged Roman, gained a lot of converts when it was introduced.
Front slits, for instance, would not do too well on bow-legged people.
In their first year of life, almost all children are bow-legged or knock-kneed, according to doctors.
I noticed that people with knee problems were bow-legged.
The man entrusted to shoot Boro back into the top flight was winger-turnedstriker Hendrie, a bow-legged dynamo who had ended the previous season with a hat-trick in a 5-2 victory at Charlton.
After a couple of minutes at a light gallop on the treadmill, the instructor told me gravely, 'You must never run' - as my unique gait (both bow-legged and knock-kneed) would lead to hip problems.
1971 Grandad Clive Dunn HIS most famous character was a doddery, bow-legged old soldier who had fought in Sudan where the enemy 'didn't like it up 'em'.
They waddle through the streets copying Chaplin's bow-legged walk.
He also told her he has to put a pillow between his legs at night because he's bow-legged.
He was described as white, 5ft 10ins to 5ft 11ins, very thin and extremely bow-legged.