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a loop knot that neither slips nor jams


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Eddie Caffrey was found clinging to a boat bow line after being in the water for half an hour at Holyhead in Wales.
When I first heard that Winchester was coming out with a compound bow line, I thought we might see a couple of bows the first year.
Adding more than one major bow line at the beginning will require you to make too deep an investment in inventory for a new bowhunting dealer.
When a dealer is looking at a bow line - or at any other line - he certainly wants to look at features and price," Krenz says.
This year, G5 introduced a new bow line named Prime, which showcases their revolutionary Parallel Cam Technology.
The result of that self-initiated challenge is a new bow line, the McPherson Series, and its inaugural bow, the Monster.
Prime is a new bow line from G5 Outdoors, one of the most successful accessory companies in the bow-hunting industry.
The popular Center Pivot riser design has penetrated the Diamond bow line in the form of the Ice Man.
And G5 Outdoors is certain to turn plenty of heads with the ingenious Parallel Cam Technology on its brand new Prime bow line, which promises to dramatically boost accuracy by eliminating the many problems associated with cam lean (p.
BowTech also makes the Diamond bow line, so you can expect the same features on many of the Diamond bows that you find on the BowTech models.
The man behind the new bow line and company name is Kevin Strother.
The folks at Custom Shooting Systems (CSS) are proud of their diverse, high-quality bow line that boasts "over 2,000 unique possible combinations to fit every need of every shooter.
Hoyt has become one of the most respected and well-known bow manufacturers on the planet thanks to solid engineering and a bow line that consistently performs at high levels.
Bowhunters who have been following the evolution of Browning[R] Archery's bow line will love what this legendary company's bow designers have introduced in '01.