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Synonyms for bovine

Synonyms for bovine

of or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle)


dull and slow-moving and stolid

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To identify orthologs from the human, mouse, and bovine homologenes, we used the reciprocal best blast hits algorithm (Wall et al.
Bovine contigs in all libraries were subjected to the following criteria: contigs should consist of a minimum of five ESTs, and the enrichment values should be greater than 2.
QTL comparative gene map : We downloaded bovine QTL information from the Animal QTLdb 'QTL locations by bp' file that supported chromosome coordinates, traits, QTL evidence, and publication year.
Genome annotation : We estimated the genomic regions of the data sets, our ESTs, contigs, and BESs against the bovine genome using the BLAT (Kent, 2002) program (cutoff: 90% identity, coverage: 90%).
The Bovine Genome Database can be accessed at http://bgd.
Twenty-five of the 62 Quebec bovine isolates carried the A allele, and 2 carried the C allele, which raises the possibility that these 27 bovine GBS could be closely related to human GBS (Table 2).
The possibility that the A or C allele bovine strains could be related to human GBS was investigated by examining the distribution of the bovine A or C allele isolates among the groups previously determined by RAPD analysis (Figure) (7).
Identification of Bovine Serotype III GBS Related to Type III-1 GBS
The bovine A and C allele isolates were further examined by using techniques that distinguish the four known human serotype III GBS lineages.
Only one of these seven isolates, NI-96-2836, is of bovine origin, however, and is found in RAPD group III, whereas the six human A allele isolates are found in RAPD groups IV-A and IV-C.
The zona pellucida of matured oocytes was slit by a cutting pipette, and the polar body was removed with parts of the cytoplasm, possibly containing bovine nucleus, by squeezing the oocyte.
To determine the optimal in vitro culture medium for the murine-bovine interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer (iSCNT) embryos, the generally used bovine embryo culture medium, CR1aa, and the murine embryo culture medium, CZB, were compared.
Since the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos cultured in the CZB medium were all arrested at 8-cell stage, which is the stage of developmental block in bovine embryos, the sequential culture of the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos were attempted.
2004) attempted the murine-bovine iSCNT by transferring mouse embryonic fibroblast cell into bovine cytoplasm using electro-fusion method.
In the iSCNT experiments using bovine oocyte cytoplasm, the bovine culture medium was utilized as a basal in vitro culture medium (Dominko et la.