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someone who pursues fugitives or criminals for whom a reward is offered

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a hunter who kills predatory wild animals in order to collect a bounty

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According, to Thomas Nixon, the chief instructor for the National Institute of Bail Enforcement Agents, although bounty hunters can legally break into a fugitive's home, most gain access simply by knocking at the door.
But now local councils have decided to get tough and are hiring bounty hunters to track down repeat offenders.
Cops' phone taps revealed that Greenham had an associate called Timothy Ring, a 35-year-old former prison officer who had become a bounty hunter - tracing suspects who had skipped bail.
Bounty hunters are adjuncts of the bail industry or "the bail-surety system," a private branch of American criminal justice.
Currently there are no more wolves inYellowstone Park, where poison and bounty hunters once were used to eliminate the animal.
com)-- BidOn Entertainment, a Ukrainian game development company, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Wild West shooter for iOS, called Bounty Hunter.
Dog The Bounty Hunter," which aired on A&E for eight seasons, was canceled in May.
A wireless link-up facility only adds to the enjoyment, as you pick your favourite of six bounty hunters ( each with unique weapons and fighting styles ( and wreak havoc in a truly amazing dual-screen world.
But I had no idea that in reality there were bounty hunters.
According to a script which sticks toonly a few facts, Ms Domino attended a seminar for bounty hunters where she met ex-con Ed Mosbey played by the now strange-looking Mickey Rourke.
Few squadrons have faced the series of challenges and met them head-on better than the Bounty Hunters.
Both men and a team of four from TV show America's Most Wanted were arrested - under Mexican law bounty hunters are kidnappers.
The author did her homework and she enumerates the experiences of slavery, the bounty hunters, and the Underground Railroad.
He scored 46 points with his team, The Bounty Hunters, and scoops our pounds 500.