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Suppose the function f is [GAMMA]-sublinear affine on (a,b), with [GAMMA](x) bounded function.
A more general low-pass filter M is given by a complex-valued, bounded function [?
v] (t) is a bounded function on (0,[infinity]) also shows that in the case v [greater than or equal to] -1/2, [[phi].
Let U be the class of analytic bounded functions of the form
b](X) is contained in the uniform closure of F-simple functions on X in the space of all bounded functions on X and so each f [member of] [C.
infinity]](X): the set of all bounded functions like f : X [right arrow] C [2, Chapter 6] where X has more than one element.
1) The connections between bandlimited functions and exponentially bounded functions are going back to the famous Paley-Wiener theorem.