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Synonyms for border



border on something


Synonyms for border

a fairly narrow line or space forming a boundary

the line or area separating geopolitical units

to put or form a border on

to be contiguous or next to

border on: to come near, as in quality or amount

Synonyms for border

the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

the boundary of a surface

a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge

a strip forming the outer edge of something

form the boundary of

enclose in or as if in a frame

provide with a border or edge


lie adjacent to another or share a boundary

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Between 1970 and 1982, approximately eight maritime boundary agreements were concluded each year.
In the vast preponderance of the boundary agreements studied, equidistance had some role in the development of the line and/or the location of the line that was established.
The land boundary agreement was already inked by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during the former's landmark visit to Dhaka in September 2011, but it needs to be ratified by the Indian Parliament in order to exchange adversely held enclaves occupied by both countries.
The key to determining if Charlton has rights to the landfill, according to the boundary agreement, is whether the landfill is operating, or expanding its operation, on former Charlton land.
Talking about the land boundary agreement, he said that the issue was stuck for 40 years.
Mohammad Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the friendly Islamic Republic of Iran as part of his official visit to the Sultanate to sign the maritime boundary agreement between the Sultanate and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
On Land Boundary Agreement (LBA), which is a prickly issue that has been scuttled earlier by Mamata Banerjee's opposition on this sensitive issue, the MEA spokesperson, " This is a matter which is now with parliament, it's in the Rajya Sabha.
Minister of State for Home Mullappally Ramachandran also said that under the 'Sino-Pakistan boundary agreement of 1963', Pakistan has illegally ceded 5180 sq km of Indian territory in Azad Kashmir to China, reported PTI.
RAISING the issue of illegal immigration between India and Bagladesh, the BJP's ideological mentor RSS has demanded that the newly- approved Land Boundary Agreement should be followed up by sealing the border between the two countries.
He stoked another controversy when he said that there was no need to get emotional over giving a portion of land to Bangladesh under the Land Boundary Agreement.
As a result, enclave's villagers are facing huge difficulties after the Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) 1974 also known as Indira-Mujibur treaty came into existence.
Moreover, the TMC's support in Parliament to Centre over land boundary agreement with Bangladesh and also GST Bill has triggered speculation that the ruling party of Bengal is warming up to the saffron party after relentlessly opposing its government in Parliament.
New Delhi: India on Saturday offered Bangladesh expertise in civil nuclear sector and outer space during a meeting between their Foreign Ministers but the meet could not make any major headway on emotive issues of Land Boundary Agreement, Teesta water sharing and extradition of ULFA leader Anup Chetia.
After a protocol was signed on 6th September, 2011, the issues relating to demarcation of un-demarcated boundary; the territories in adverse possession; and exchange of enclaves were identified and resolved, which forms an integral part of the Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh, 1974.
THE Union Cabinet cleared the Bill to put in place the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh which now includes areas in Assam along with those in West Bengal, Tripura and Meghalaya.