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a draft in excess of the credit balance

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And we believe that a small mistake shouldn't result in a big penalty, which is why we believe that Bounce Protection Plus takes overdraft protection to the next level.
In recent years, many financial institutions have introduced bounce protection as a unique overdraft product for their deposit customers.
Jones pointed out that he personally has bounce protection and credit cards and doesn't mind ATM fees to access his cash.
HOUSTON -- "The Federal Reserve Board (FRB) is on the right track with its recent ruling on share draft/check overdraft fees and its proposed rules to reign in the abusive practices of some courtesy pay and bounce protection programs," says John M.
Some banks slide their customers into overdraft loan programs, sometimes called bounce protection, without even telling them.
Not all checking account overdraft protection programs are created equal," a leading vendor of such bounce protection programs warned attendees today at the Consumer Federation of America's Financial Issues Conference.