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a translucent mineral consisting of hydrated silica of variable color

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Its range of gemstones are selected from all over the world, featuring natural coloured diamonds and sapphires, tourmaline, tanzanite, blue-moonstone, boulder opal, deep blue aquamarine, and exceptional Japanese and South Sea cultured pearls.
This strikingly fiery stone is especially stunning with an all-black ensemble, whether in the form of stackable bracelets streaked with aurora borealis hues or going for powerful electric blue boulder opal earrings.
Finbarr's Church in Quilpie features boulder opals mined and cut by the locals--country people are amazing artists whose passion shines through their finished work.
McOpal has been mining, cutting and delivering opals to North America for many years, specializing in Black Opals from Lightning Ridge, Yowah, and Boulder Opals from Queensland.
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