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any of several South American ornamental woody vines of the genus Bougainvillea having brilliant red or purple flower bracts

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Recently, our part of the world has become a playground for the bougainvillea looper, which is the munching caterpillar or larval stage of a small moth.
CLIMATE Bougainvilleas thrive in the low and intermediate deserts (Sunset climate zones 12-13) and in warm parts of California (zones 15-17, 19, and 21-24).
Bougainvillea can supply a profusion of blooms in spring and summer and some will continue to flower through the autumn and winter.
If you come to California from a place like Chicago, as I did, your first impression of bougainvillea is bound to be a positive one.
A good way to grow bougainvilleas is as standards in containers.
Bougainvilleas are an exception; their roots should not be pruned.
In 1994 we had a stovepipe and stucco chimney put in and the bougainvillea is in front of it.
BRING the magic of the Med to your garden this summer by planting a bougainvillea, one of the most popular flowers in sunshine countries.
Like many subtropicals, bougainvilleas usually shed leaves briefly at winter's end, then rapidly shoot out fresh greenery.
The only pests I have noticed on Valley bougainvilleas are mites.
Already frost-damaged bougainvilleas and ficus trees are showing new growth.
Just look at the burnt bougainvilleas in front of the fast-food restaurant on Van Nuys Boulevard and Moorpark Street in Sherman Oaks.
Bougainvilleas and hibiscus do well in containers for a number of years.
Instead, Davis focuses on a few select types, devoting individual chapters, for example, to citrus, azaleas, camellias, roses and bougainvilleas.
Tasks involve pruning overgrown shrubberies, which might include bougainvillea growing against a wall, in which case, branches formed of new growth generally should cut-back to the main stems.