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any of several South American ornamental woody vines of the genus Bougainvillea having brilliant red or purple flower bracts

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Plants that were felled and will not recover are ficus left out in the open, bougainvilla plants, bower vines, multicolored lantanas, most jacarandas, Eugenias, banana plants, most giant birds of paradise and hibiscus, he said.
through curtains of bougainvilla, going on forever, forever as it formerly was,
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Operation of public toilet blocks in Rose garden Shanti Kunj Japanese garden Animal park Fragrance garden Terraced garder Bougainvilla garden Sukhna lake and toilet blocks in various green belts of Chd for period of 12 months Ch to A Mtc of toilets l.
11 ETHNIC TOUCH Silver coated peepal leaf tray & silver plated wine glasses, by Bougainvilla Design.
To get a taste of 1920s and '30s Laguna Beach, drive through the narrow streets of the town's two historic areas, lined with tiny bungalows that are sometimes nearly hidden by fabulous gardens filled with bougainvilla, ferns and other greenery.