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any of several neurotoxins that are produced by the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium botulinum

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The toxin, dubbed BoNT/En, is the ninth botulinum toxin to be described.
Commercially available botulinum toxin is a purified exotoxin of the anaerobic bacteria "Clostridium botulinum".
Review of the FDA-approved uses of botulinum toxins, including data suggesting efficacy in pain reduction.
According to the contract, Harvard research will further the discovery, evaluation and development of engineered recombinant botulinum toxins that will be funded by Ipsen for a minimum of three years.
Under the terms of the agreement, Ipsen will fund Harvard research for at least three years with the aim to discover, evaluate and develop novel engineered recombinant botulinum toxins for the treatment of serious neurological diseases.
Techniques of botulinum toxin injections in the head and neck.
This change might affect persons working in public health laboratories, research facilities, and manufacturing institutions who work with botulinum toxin or neurotoxin-producing species of Clostridium.
The FDA will require all botulinum toxin manufacturers to add boxed warnings to the label that address the potential for paralysis-like symptoms resulting from the toxin's distant spread.
In the new study, scientists tracked two botulinum toxins by looking for the sliced up proteins that the toxins leave in their wake.
Clinicians administering botulinum toxins should understand that "clinical doses expressed in units are not comparable from one botulinum product to the next," the FDA said in its warning.
In this article, we describe an elderly woman with rapidly progressive cervical kyphosis following an injection of botulinum toxin A into her neck extensor musculature.
Many neutralizing MAbs to botulinum toxins have been generated that have potential diagnostic and therapeutic applications (21-24).
Comparison of therapeutic efficacies of type A and F botulinum toxins for blepharospasm: A double-blind, controlled study.
This high-quality, well illustrated manual has proved itself the perfect guide to the clinical use of the different types of botulinum toxins, for both esthetic and medical purposes.
Botulinum toxins have in some cases been linked to respiratory failure and even death, according to a warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration.