bottle opener

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an opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

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The keeper handed the bottle-opener to Norwegian referee Espen Berntsen, who stopped the game to hand it to the fourth official.
Developed through an exclusive design and manufacturing agreement with Altman Browning and Company, the Automated Bottle-Opener uses a surgical blade to remove the bottle bottoms and release tablets or capsules onto an inspection tray.
With the bar raised in an age of growing gender-equality, these GOOD GUYS(R) now open their beer with a "GOOD GUYS(R) are open-minded" bottle-opener (made in the US).
Today our Mystery Prizes include a pounds 750 cheque, a pounds 50 cheque and a barrel bottle-opener.
Exclusive US trademark rights on Brando sunglasses, fridge magnets, mouse pads and underwear are being sought, along with rights on kimonos, bottle-openers and key chains.
The H20 series has a durable tarpaulin outer shell, aluminum side buckles that double as bottle-openers, a versatile series of tie-down points, and a water-resistant, rubber-coated YKK No.