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A further 140 disabled young bottle-nose dolphins were released back into the Pacific Ocean, where they face a perilous future after being injured during capture.
Stretching 42 square miles (68k), it boasts more than 112 species of birds, turtles, sharks, bottle-nose dolphins and manatees.
To be effective in protecting bottle-nose dolphins, Wells says, we need to understand the threats they face, and the necropsy is a valuable source of information on cause of death.
According to locals, the bottle-nose dolphins have been acting like a bunch of kids, diving in and out of the water.
Attacks The most common cause of porpoise deaths in South Wales are attacks by bottle-nose dolphins.
A third of the bottle-nose dolphins swimming off Israel's Mediterranean coast are too thin, apparently due to a lack of food from overfishing.
And at Quay West, which overlooks Cardigan Bay, there's even a local school of bottle-nose dolphins you can look out for.
Last week we revealed that the number of bottle-nose dolphins in the North Sea is down to 130 - and could soon vanish altogether.