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Shopkeepers have described the scheme as 'ludicrous' and believe it will create a bottle-neck which would harm the road's businesses.
Yes, even a dead cell can manage such bottle-neck control, the researchers argue in the Jan.
High Levels of Handwork--Finishing operations were a major bottle-neck in Northbend's high-volume production of precision patterns and molds for metalcasting.
THE totally unnecessary traffic bottle-neck in Abergele is not only resulting in thousands of cumulative hours being wasted by drivers each month, but as a queuing vehicle still pours out fumes, Bridge Street and Market Street have now become pollution black spots.
There was a bottle-neck at the reporting stage, with significant implications for clients holding stocks of foodstuffs pending a microbiology report.
Motorists and business leaders last night called on the Government to end their nightmare by backing a pounds 270m scheme to tackle the worst traffic bottle-neck in the North.
Why is it so difficult to admit that mistakes have been made in limiting even further a very narrow bottle-neck by introducing a dedicated bus lane.
So a local transport bottle-neck has a national implication.
There has been an enormous bottle-neck in the understanding of cystic fibrosis, and that has been the failure to identify the gene," Francis S.
Minor safety improvements have been carried out at the Catthorpe bottle-neck but the new multi-million project is seen as a longer-term solution.
Similarly, a customer that needs reporting and analysis of a backup bottle-neck should not be forced to pay for database monitoring and reporting functions.
A traffic blackspot may be tackled by the Government after motorists pleaded for a scheme to end the bottle-neck nightmare.