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an opener for removing caps or corks from bottles

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Jamie Bowman, from CMP, said: "They told us they'd run out of their usual gifts and were giving out bottle openers and wine stoppers.
If you're looking for something a little more obvious go for one of these wall-mounted bottle openers (above).
Promotional product options include: Calculators, USB Drives, Stress Balls, Tape Measures, Bottle Openers, Letter Openers, Flashlight Keychains, Magnetic Clips, Rulers and Koozies.
Unlike typical cufflinks that only serve as ornamentation, The French Cuff Bottle Openers are ideal for the gentleman who believes form should always follow function.
But, in the year since they left university, Barry-based Conka Design has landed contracts around the globe, and is now going to market directly with its own-brand bottle opener
Irish Dental Association chief Ciara Murphy she hadn't heard of the practice and the number of human bottle openers is unknown.
Other deadly instruments recovered included a World War I American bayonet, sharpened bottle openers and metal poles.
When you've got one of these multi-purpose tools hanging on your belt, you've got fishing pliers, hunting knives, screwdrivers, files, bottle openers and wire cutters.
LTD (FU FENG) is proud to announce that it develops and sells portable hand carry bottle openers.
Custom goods include locally crafted bottle openers, knit beer koozies bearing the book's signature red and gold colors, a brewery tour with Portland Pedicab, and bicycle panniers made in Portland by Queen Bee Creations, designed to safely and sturdily carry bottles of beer.
A lot of people are asking me about Primo and the new stuff like shirts and bottle openers," said Pake Zane, self-proclaimed "cultural recycler" and co-operator of Antique Alley in Honolulu where vintage Primo bottles, clocks, bottle openers and even a tie can be found.
Additional materials include key-chain openers, acrylic table tents, solid-metal bottle openers, and serving trays.
Worn on the Index Finger, the Bottle Ring Opener Has a More Convenient, Easy-to-Use Design and Functionality Than Other Bottle Openers
During the month of February, on-premise accounts can transform their establishments into genuine-looking Italian carnivals with posters, balloons, table tents and bottle openers.