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47-48) found that (1) the families Bothidae, Paralichthyidae, Achiridae and Cynoglossidae have longer upper and lower jaws on the blind side than on the eye side, (2) common to the Bothidae and Paralichthyidae is to have a slight curvature of the mouth on both sides, and to share a similar number and size of teeth on the premaxilla and dentary on both sides and (3) common to the Achiridae and Cynoglossidae is to have a stronger curvature of the mouth on the blind side, more abundant teeth on the premaxilla and dentary of the blind side and few teeth or no teeth on the eye side.
Clupeidae > Engraulidae > Carangidae > Cynoglossidae > Tetraodontidae Teraponidae > Mugilidae > Atherinidae > Synodontidae > Ophichthidae > Pristigastridae > Chirocentridae > Scombridae > Gerreidae > Soleidae > Bothidae > Pleuronectidae > Hemiramphidae
When the larvae were evaluated, the family Engraulidae was the dominant family (88%) just like in the eggs, and was followed by Clupeidae (4%), Gobiidae (2%), Sparidae (2%) family and other families which were found less than 1% (Myctophidae, Syngnathidae, Merlucciidae, Cepolidae, Carangidae, Callionymidae, Blenniidae, Mugilidae, Bothidae and Soleidae) (Fig.
Hasta hace relativamente poco los lenguados paralichthyidos eran considerados una subfamilia de Bothidae, compartiendo caracteristicas como el borde preopercular libre no cubierto por la piel y por tener ambos ojos situados al lado izquierdo de la cabeza.
Exploratory surveys off the western coast of Baja California collected around 20 flatfish species of the families Pleuronectidae, Bothidae, Paralichthyidae and Cynoglossidae (Martinez-Munoz & Ramirez-Cruz, 1992) on the soft bottoms of the continental shelf and slope.
Unidentified goby O Pleuronectidae Pleuronichtliys coenosus C-O Turbot O Pleuronichthys decurrens Curlfin Turbot O Psettichthys melanostictus Sand Sole O Parophrys veflus English Sole T Platichthys stellatus Starry Flounder T Bothidae Citharichthys stigmaeus Speckled Sanddab T % Total Species name Frequency abundance (rank) Myliobatididae Myliobatis californica 1.
Guide to northeast Pacific flatfishes: families Bothidae, Cynoglossidae, and Pleuronectidae.
This paper reports the first occurrence of the 30th species of flatfish in California and the first occurrence of the family Bothidae in the state.
Peces anguiliformes pequenos de la familia Nettastomatidae, fueron encontrados como la categoria mas importante en la dieta, ademas de lenguados de la familia Bothidae y camarones penaeidos (Tabla 3).
ATHERINOPSIDAE Atherinops affinis BLENNIIDAE Hypsoblennius gentilis Hypsoblennius gilberti Hypsoblennius jenkinsi BOTHIDAE Paralichthys californicus CARCHARHINDAE Mustelus californicus COTTIDAE Artedius spp.
Paralichthyidae, (1994); Gutierrez-Sanchez Bothidae, et al.
Unidentified searobin Bothidae, Lefteye flounders 150 Bothus lunatus Peacock flounder 151 N.
Common name Family North coast (NC) thresher shark Alopiidae wolf-eel Anarhichadidae sablefish Anoplopomatidae jacksmelt Atherinidae plainfin midshipman Batrachoididae speckled sanddab Bothidae jack mackerel Carangidae blue shark Carcharhinidae medusafish Centrolophidae Pacific sardine Clupeidae Pacific herring Clupeidae Pac.