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the branch of biology that studies plants

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He obsessively logged information about his own health, which may have influenced his interest in his children's well-being, but he also recognized from his botanical research that the long tradition of intermarriage between the Darwins and the Wedgwoods--a common practice among prominent families in Victorian England--might have had the unintended consequence of harming the health of his children.
Navindra Seeram, assistant professor of pharmacy and head of the Bioactive Botanical Research Laboratory at URI, and Scott McWilliams, URI professor of wildlife ecology and physiology, have teamed up to research migratory birds' eating habits.
Other events portrayed in the opera, Millport Song Cycle, included Cumbrae's links with smugglers and its importance as a centre for botanical research.
This new species is dedicated to the mining company CVG-Baxilum for encouraging botanical research of the area below its responsibility, supporting the elaboration of a plant checklist of this little known portion of Guayana, which is biologically interesting and apparently with a great biodiversity, and for its efforts in recovering the areas spoiled due to the mining activity.
Chemical, analytical and botanical research is mainly done in the company's own laboratories, whereas pharmacological studies and clinical tests are undertaken in co-operation with leading laboratories worldwide.
vittata were collected from the Fern house of National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Lucknow, India in March, 2007.
The Ten Drawings exhibition is a fascinating revelation of the artist's wide-ranging interests and drawing techniques - from painting to architecture to botanical research.
Achieving doctorate level is Mary Dean, whose eight years work on botanical research contributed to her PhD.
Chapters survey flowers, their pollinators, and how flowers have enabled ecosystems to survive in his lively blend of botanical research and wide-ranging natural history insights.
CALABASAS - The contributions of the late John and Juliana Gensley were marked Saturday as part of the 10-year anniversary of Soka University of America's Botanical Research Center and Nursery.
The National Botanical Research Institute of India has come up with a herbal beer that has medicinal properties.
I'm reading Cox's Nafanua (1997, Freeman), the lively tale of his 1985 botanical research in Samoa.
Esmerialda Klaassen--botanist and data base manager with the National Botanical Research Institute in Windhoek, who has co-published a booklet on wetland plants;
In 1952, a casual encounter with the artist Piero Simondo inspired him to pursue art with the same alchemical curiosity he had put into his botanical research.
Botanical research into more efficient farming techniques and medicinal uses has had a substantial direct impact on world health, and research institutes have become part of the new market economy, metamorphosing into companies quoted on stock exchanges to attract the finance for expensive experimental work.