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a native or resident of Boston

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O'Learys was founded by Jonas Reinholdsson, a Swedish restaurateur, inspired by the Bostonian restaurants where people came to watch games and to share the passion of sports.
The weather was absolutely beautiful, the Bruins players were in good spirits, and the 1 million Bostonians who showed up were thankful.
Tom Payzant had an extraordinary ten-year run as superintendent of schools in Boston, as described in Alexander Russo's fine story ("The Bostonian," features, Summer 2006).
That's where the Stooges get into the jalopy at the end of 'Termites of 1938' and blow up the car,'' said Pauley, pointing toward a Bostonian row house facade at the Warner Bros.
The exhibit book captures this man's modus operandi nicely: "Cheverus spent 27 years inviting, but not pressing, Bostonian believers to join him in his faith, to explore their fascination with Catholicism.
Editors credit the well-educated Bostonian populace, who smoke less, exercise more, and eat a healthy diet.
David Walker, a prominent black Bostonian, was perhaps reacting to Jefferson's life of unabashed hypocrisy when in 1829 he warned African Americans that they should remember the third president as their greatest enemy.
Smith's series took shape as a resolutely informal talkathon, pausing for live tapping and film footage, with dancers of different traditions, from Irish step dancer Josephine McNamara, gamine and nervy, to amiably improper Bostonian Dianne Walker.
So much so that the word now is not only Brooklyn Heights, with its Bostonian Newberry Street-like stretch one Montague Street.
In more a perfect universe everyone would regard the Bostonian proto-punk BEST SINGER-SONGWRITER Jonathan Richman @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Tuesday) singer-songwriter as one of the most inventive, eccentric and life-affirming musical talents that the US has ever produced.
He first assumed that the photos, mainly of birds and landscapes, were the work of William Brewster, a wealthy white Bostonian and renowned ornithologist.
Song honoured the customer, a Bostonian, and her family with a reception in the Song ticketing area at Logan International Airport.
What Bostonian in Austin's account is obviously missing in Revere's engraving?
Fellow Bostonian and Dukakis veteran Jack Corrigan is in charge of the upcoming Democratic National Convention.