Boston terrier

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small pug-faced American terrier breed having a smooth brindle or black coat with white markings


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Frank and Margaret Wildman with Liz Rankin and her Boston Terrier, Gus, who was hurt during the break-in.
8 Bostie Boston terrier plus white highland terrier
I AM writing to express my concern about an article you printed last week regarding three stolen Wildax Boston Terrier puppies from West Derby.
Pet bedding and “ravioli” toys to enable Swatch, Mood Design Fabrics' run-of-the-store famous Boston terrier and his canine date to enjoy the February 16th event in comfort (Mood Designer Fabrics, Manhattan, provider of fabric for Code Purple)
Also recommended in this series are the following titles: "The Boston Terrier," by Robert Grayson (9781923904741, $27.
Zippy the Boston terrier, received the Kennel Club's highest award for obedience, and all the credit goes to his owner, who came up with her own form of sign language.
FONZY Fonzy is a four-year-old Boston terrier who lives with the McLean family in Glasgow.
Anyone with information about the stolen Boston Terrier - who is black and white - is urged to contact West Midlands Police on 0845 113 5000.
She is the only dog I ever had who truly smiled" - Comedienne Joan Rivers mourning the death of her Boston terrier Lulu.
Margaret and Frank Wildman, who live near to Croxteth Park, took seven of their Boston terrier dogs to Crufts yesterday.
3) in Boston, where the Boston terrier fails to appear in the top 10.
Ansanelli has had many dramatic roles, but this is the first time she has to command a Boston terrier to "heel" and "sit" on stage.
Fill one bowl with water and the other with an assortment of fresh baked treats ($2 each), such as Boston terrier pie, springer spanwiches and poodle puffs.
Sienna Edwards, two, put three-month-old Boston Terrier Penny in the loaded machine as part of a game.
Boston Terrier Club of Scotland open show, Thornhill Community Centre, Falkirk, 12.
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