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United States electrical engineer who made numerous automotive improvements (including the electric starter) (1876-1958)

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GM's Boss Kettering (BK) Award Program was established 25 years ago to recognize individuals from every region of the globe who have developed truly outstanding inventions, or innovations that have provided identifiable and substantial benefit to General Motors," according to an official GM release.
Kenneth Turner, a Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems inventor, will also be honored for receiving a GM Boss Kettering award for Heat Resistant Fuel Injector.
Additionally, Delphi recipients of the prestigious Boss Kettering Award also were eligible for induction.
Not only has the Delphi technology helped boost GM minivan sales, on which it is an exclusive feature, its inventors -- five Delphi engineers -- were honored in 1993 with GM's prestigious Boss Kettering Award given annually to inventors whose patentable ideas have had a significant impact on GM and its customers.
patents for innovations associated with controlling automobile engine and transmission function and has won four Boss Kettering awards, GM's top honor for engineers and scientists.