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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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During the cruise through the Black Sea, Bosporus Straits, Aegean Sea, and into the Mediterranean, the MTT provided the Russians with lectures detailing the NATO lead operation and NATO procedures.
Hundreds of police, some wearing black ski masks, surrounded the hotel overlooking the scenic Bosporus straits after the gunmen burst into the lobby, causing guests to scream and run in panic.
4 billion yen for the construction of an underground railway to run under the Bosporus Straits, they said.
Japan is considering providing yen-denominated preferential loans to Turkey for construction of a subway line under the Bosporus Straits, government officials said Tuesday.
Once valued as a deterrent to the Soviet threat, Turkey is now considered a key ally in stopping terrorism, drug trafficking, and Islamic fundamentalism from seeping across the Bosporus Straits.
Matthew Steckel, Chairman of Oil Capital, said recently, "The key challenge for Oil Capital, as for all companies operating in the Caspian Sea area, has been how to transport these enormous petroleum reserves to the world markets, especially in view of the physical and environmental difficulties of increasing traffic through the Bosporus Straits in Turkey, which cannot simply handle the shipping volumes that the Caspian area can generate.
The final route, announced by the country's transport minister, Binali Yildirim, will be near the northern tip of the Bosporus Straits, between Garipce in the European side of the city and Poyraz in the Asian side.
Despite the heavy fog sea bus and ferry liners are continuing their daily scheduled voyages across the Bosporus straits.