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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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said it has completed a project in Istanbul to connect the European and Asian continents with a railway tunnel under the Bosporus Strait.
But the star of the overseas show is Turkey, already an economic powerhouse straddling the Bosporus Strait and boasting the largest economy in the region.
One of the biggest challenges involves the 45,000 vessels--10 percent of which are oil tankers--that navigate the 19-mile-long Bosporus Strait.
RADWIN's WinLink(TM) 1000 Wireless Broadband Solutions Link Together Turkey's Bogazici University's European and Asian campuses across the Bosporus Strait
He said one of the first things Agca wanted to do was order a typical Turkish meal of beans and rice at a restaurant overlooking the Bosporus Strait, the narrow waterway that bisects Istanbul and separates the European and Asian continents.
In particular, Taisei surpassed Kajima and registered the biggest revenues in the industry for the first time in six years partly because it won an order to build a tunnel under the Bosporus Strait in Turkey.
Finally, you enter Turkey's Bosporus Strait, which separates Europe and Asia.
IHT reports the maritime authority warnings about the danger from the rising number of oil tankers plying the Bosporus Strait "have taken on new urgency this month with Russia's decision to add nuclear waste to the volatile mix of cargo in the narrow strait".
Turkey--a member of NATO since 1952--sits astride the Bosporus Strait, which separates Europe and Asia and connects the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
The telegram, kept at Japan's National Institute for Defense Studies, said that immediately after Russia made a decision to dispatch its Baltic fleet to the Sea of Japan, Turkey decided to allow passage of Russia's Black Sea fleet through the Bosporus Strait to allow it to join the Baltic fleet.
However, among the choices for pipelines from the Caspian Sea are several that will involved significant additional movement of the oil and gas by tanker through the Bosporus Strait, already a crowded and dangerous passageway that lies directly adjacent to Istanbul.
Although usually thought to have traversed a land route running north from the Middle East and then westward across territory bordering the Mediterranean Sea or regions farther inland, they may have traveled across the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa or across the Bosporus Strait from Turkey.
Canal Istanbul" Proposed to Ease Water Traffic Congestion on the Bosporus Strait and Trigger Growth of a New City
However, recently, I took a day off and joined a boat tour up the Bosporus Strait to see the historic castles at the Black Sea.
While in Istanbul, Abe is also scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of a subway line, which will pass through the Bosporus Strait via undersea tunnel to link the European and Asian sides of the city.