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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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O'Leary will have to ensure Leeds regain that hard-edge quickly in time for the hostilities which await on the shores of the Bosporous - otherwise it could all end in tears for the "babies".
11) The "West" (despite current headlines) does not stop at the Bosporous,(12) but in fact at the Indus.
There are districts down by the Bosporous boasting simply fabulous villas.
Michel Mollat du Jourdin likens the Mediterranean to the lungs of Europe breathing in, as fresh air, the arts, ideas, mysteries, luxuries, commerce, and erotica of a broader, unseen world down the Red Sea, beyond Allepo, the Bosporous, the Black Sea, Caffa.
Tanker freight rates have been adversely affected by the cuts in OPEC oil production, and have been supported by world oil demand growth, weather delays in the Bosporous and delays due to a labor strike in a French Mediterranean Port.
Now, Ortakoy is almost under the shadow of the Bosporous suspension bridge, and is very much part of the great city.
An oil pipeline running westward to the Mediterranean also would be able to bypass the Bosporous, resolving some of the safety and environmental concerns we all share about increased tanker traffic through those dangerous straits.
A confrontation between Russia and Turkey ostensibly concerns navigation rights, safety and traffic schedules in the Bosporous and Dardanelles straits as well as marine ecology in the polluted Black Sea.
A new regime imposed by Turkey on vessels passing the Bosporous straits delayed liftings at Black Sea ports and further aggravated an already difficult situation.
Basic planning is sensible, with a wall of housing looking over the Sound to protect the inner part from winds that drive here as fiercely as they do down the Bosporous.