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a strait connecting the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

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Perched above the city close to well-off residential and commercial areas, it is only a 10-minute cab ride (or 45-minute downhill saunter) to the nearest jetties for a ride on the Bosphorous.
University, an MBA from Bosphorous University, Istanbul and an MA in
This is a memorable venue, with views of the Bosphorous Bridge and Ortaka.
Although it is on the Asian side of the Bosphorous, it is linked with the European side by a rail ferry that carries carriages to Sirdecki on the European side of the river.
More and more Brits are taking the four-hour flight across the Bosphorous for a top class golfing experience in the specially-built tourist town of Belek, a sprawling centre of luxury nestling on the Turkish Riviera midway between Antalya and Alanya.
389) Long-standing conventions, such as the Montreux Convention with respect to the Bosphorous and Dardanelles, which have operated to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of all the parties involved, regulate a number of important straits.
Sure to improve from that experience and drawn high, Declan McDonogh's mount sets a high standard in the opening juvenile maiden, with BOSPHOROUS QUEEN, third in listed company last time, the obvious threat.
A luxury Bosphorous mansion once owned by Cem Uzan, a former media mogul in Turkey, has been sold to the country's Sabanci family for 58 million Turkish liras (nearly 40 million USD).
Istanbul, the host city, is home to the Bosphorous, a critical and historical waterway that connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean.
The Montreal Convention assures the free passage of Russian warships, as well as oil tankers, through the Straits of Bosphorous.
What will no doubt add to its appeal is that the vase was probably made for the Turkish market, and indeed is known to have been in the palace on the Bosphorous of Ismael Pasha (1830-95), a fomer ruler of Egypt.
Narrative of a Journey from Bombay to the Bosphorous (London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searl, & Rivington, 1878), 1: 132-33.
In promoting the inaugural Turkish Grand Prix which is to be staged just outside Istanbul on August 21, the Scot drove his Red Bull Racing car across the famous Bosphorous Bridge that spans Europe and Asia before returning to the president's palace in the city.
Promoting the inaugural Turkish Grand Prix to be staged just outside Istanbul on August 21, the Scot drove his Red Bull Racing car across the famous Bosphorous Bridge that spans Europe and Asia.
One might argue that Europe defined itself at the battle of Milvain bridge when the Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity and it became the state religion and redefined itself later when he took his court off to the Bosphorous to found Constantinople, leaving the Pope in Rome to confront the problems of the barbarian invasions.