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The expert witness said that an entry in Bosnian Serb Army commander Ratko MladiA's wartime log about a meeting in February 1993 implies that he agreed with SimatoviA about the participation of Red Berets in Bosnian Serb forces' operations in the Podrinje (Drina river valley) area.
Luring the business and industrial community, he said that 70 percent of Bosnian and Herzegovinian border touches European Union hence, it can be used as a logistics base by Pakistani investors which can be used as a road to EU.
Earlier, President KCCI Muffasar Atta Malik, in his remarks, underscored the need for a more liberal visa policy by the Bosnian government particularly for the Pakistani business and industrial community which would certainly help in effectively increasing trade volume between the two countries.
2 million were displaced, mainly pitted Bosnian Muslims against Bosnian Serbs, but also saw some brutal fighting between Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats after an initial alliance fell apart.
Bosnian Serbs and authorities in neighbouring Serbia had accused Oric and his fellow soldier Sabahudin Muhic of killing three Bosnian Serb prisoners of war in the villages near Srebrenica early in the war which claimed 100,000 lives.
The second chapter "Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Ottoman Empire (1463-1912)" describes the Eastern elements of the Bosnian history.
During the trial, he denied systemic ethnic cleansing and blamed Bosnian Muslims for violence during the war.
Var of Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque where Davutoy-lu and Bosnian delegation performed Friday prayer.
At least 8,3000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys who had sought safe heaven at the U.
NNA - Serbia's prime minister on Saturday condemned the "monstrous crime" of Srebrenica, ahead of attending a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the massacre committed by Bosnian Serb forces.
ClickPress, Wed Apr 29 2015] Timetric's The Insurance Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018' report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Bosnian insurance industry, including:
BOSNIAN protesters have stormed and set ablaze local government buildings in three Bosnian cities in fury over unemployment and rampant corruption.
UKPRwire, Tue Apr 30 2013] "Trends and Opportunities in the Bosnian Non-Life Insurance Industry to 2017: Market Profile" is the result of extensive research into the insurance industry, covering the non-life insurance market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
There were 10,000 Bosnian refugees in New York in 1995," Dzidzovic said.
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, "Anadolu Agency's broadcasting in Bosnian is of great importance for our foreign policy.