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Where this lingering bitterness sought targets, they were easy to find: About 40 percent of the Bosnian population are Bosniacs (Muslims), descended from a largely heretic Christian population whose relative openness to Islam allowed it to take root in BiH, (In Serbia and Croatia the Orthodox and Catholic church organizations remained more influential.
A flavor of how such issues permeate every aspect of governance can be seen in the relationship between the Bosniacs and Croats in the Federation.
The Canadian area of responsibility (AOR) corresponds to two Bosnia canton areas (cantons one and ten) in the country's northwest, an area about the size of Nova Scotia currently populated by Bosniac and Croat majorities.
125) The essential feature of these three bodies is that they contain an equal number of Bosniac (Muslim), Serbian, and Croatian members.
In the case of Srpska, this is its National Assembly; in the case of the Bosniac and Croat members, it is the members of the upper house of the Federation who are of that ethnic group.
For example, Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia fled to Croatia, Serbs from Croatia fled to Serbia or to Serbian-dominated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bosniacs relocated to Bosniac-dominated areas within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Furthermore, the Bosniacs were able to get international appeal for their struggle in a way that has eluded the Syrian opposition for a number of reasons, including the spectre of Iraq, fear of sectarianism, extremist elements within opposition ranks, and lack of cohesion.
These minorities include Serbs - who are ensured 10 seats - along with Bosniacs, Turks, Romans and Egyptians - who are distributed amongst another 10 seats.
Under the constitution, posts in the Bosnian parliament and its three-part presidency are only reserved for the country's three so-called constituent peoples, Bosniacs, Croats and Serbs.
Ceric replies to the question whether "Muslims from Jeddah are closer to the identity of Bosniacs in Sarajevo (11) or Serbs from Banja Luka" in the following way: "Well, you see, how someone who was killing me, who raped my sister can be close to me" (12).
I wanted to implicate the Kosovars, all the ethnic groups--Albanians and Serbs, Bosniacs and Roma, Ashkali, Turks, and the others--in the ensemble of decisions that concerned them or had bearing on the future of Kosovo.
Bosnian Muslims, ethnically identified as Bosniacs, have long been neighbors with ethnic Serbs who are largely Orthodox Christian, predominantly Catholic Croats and other ethnic and religious minorities, such as Sephardic Jews, Albanians, Roma and others.
Bosnia-Herzegovina is two entities - the Serb dominated Republika Srpska and the Federation in which Croats or Bosniacs - Bosnian Muslims - are the majority
Reports such as ITN's fr om the concentration camps of Omarska and Trnopolje became iconic of the suffering of the people of Bosnia--images of starved Bosniac men staring out at the camera from behind barbed wire resonated with representations of the Holocaust.