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a mountainous republic of south-central Europe

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Ivanic for his part said Bosnia-Herzegovina was relying on Sofia for cooperation, including for assistance in the export of local products, via Bulgaria, to Turkey.
EU's High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security also highlighted that the main obstacle that Bosnia-Herzegovina should come over as soon as possible is unemployment of youth which almost have reached to %60.
According to Bosnian scholar Mustafa Jahic, Qatar has made a significant cultural contribution to Bosnia-Herzegovina by funding the restoration of the Gazi Husrev-beg Library.
The new mortar plant in Serbia and the establishment of a new Sika subsidiary in Bosnia-Herzegovina set the stage for Sika's accelerated growth in the Balkan states," said Paul Schuler, Sika regional manager EMEA.
Kazakhstan is a growing economy with a wealth of investment opportunities and exciting tourist attractions, while Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia have an abundance of nature and culture to explore.
BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Coach Safet Susic When Miroslav Blazevic left in 2009, there was a fear his inspiration would go, but Susic has kept a flamboyant style and the Bosnians have top-scored in two qualifying campaigns.
Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina Naser Al-Muatiri said that around 45 tons of relief aid material would be distributed to those affected by the floods.
Political leaders in Bosnia-Herzegovina must do what the majority of citizens want and that's Euro-Atlantic integrations.
He will also have talks with his Cyprus counterpart, Marcos Kyprianou, focusing on bilateral relations, relations between Bosnia-Herzegovina and the EU along with the Cyprus problem.
After meeting Peres, Dodik reported that the Israeli president had declared Bosnia-Herzegovina must respect the will and desires of the people and preserve stability and peace.
While partial responsibility for these terrible crimes of mass slaughter and ethnic intolerance that took place during the final months of the civil war and genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina have occurred, a fuller responsibility has only progressed slowly in the 15 years since the tragedy.
The alumni association has grown in its impact on the security sector since its founding in 2005 and, with the new President and board, have forged a partnership with the Atlantic Initiative, an NGO working toward Euro-Atlantic integration in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The Government of Canada announced the end of Canadian Forces deployments in Bosnia-Herzegovina with the close-out of Operation BRONZE and the return of the deployed team, Task Force Balkans, to Canada on March 29.
Following the bloody conflict between Bosnia's Muslims, Serbs and Croats in the 1990s, an agreement was eventually reached dividing Bosnia-Herzegovina into two separate political entities.
45 unless stated) World Cup play-offs 2nd leg - Bosnia-Herzegovina v Portugal, France v Rep of Ireland (8.