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a mountainous republic of south-central Europe

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Some stories stress violence and war (especially those of Sroan Papic), but more do not; love and sex dominate in the stories from Bosnia and Hercegovina.
Few people think of Bosnia and Hercegovina as a land of pristine wilderness in the heart of the Dinaric Alps, but the clash of Mediterranean and alpine climates has created one the most magnificent ecosystems in all of Europe.
Very little is being done to urge Bosnia and Hercegovina toward reform of its environmental laws and adoption of European standards, and a number of local policymakers seem more than willing to sell the country's natural bounty, to the highest bidder.
The rapid dismemberment of Bosnia and Hercegovina by military force in 1992", argue the authors, "may be compared to the events of 1941, when the disappearance of royal Yugoslavia left Bosnia at the mercy of a foreign occupying power.
The republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina was one of six republics of Yugoslavia, designed as a state for all the South Slavs, With Yugoslavia's disintegration and the aggressive ambitions of Greater Serbian nationalists, four out of the six republics faced potentially dangerous nationality issues.
Old age in Bosnia and Hercegovina is interesting, but a trifle intrusive in this context.
Branka Turkic, an artist from Bosnia and Hercegovina, said the most important goal in such events is that it helps in developing connections through art.
The Barry-born 25-year-old centre back has already earned a full cap for his country after coming on as a 78th minute substitute in a friendly against Bosnia and Hercegovina in Llanelli on August 15 last year.
The European Investment Bank announced on June 11 that it was lending Euro 40 million to the Government of Bosnia and Hercegovina, to modernise parts of the country's rail network.
Along with the Serb Republic, this federation is one of two "entities", which make up the state of Bosnia and Hercegovina.
This project aims at rehabilitation and reconstruction of vital public institutions buildings in several flood affected municipalities in Bosnia and Hercegovina.
The Swedish Presidency of the European Union issued a statement on 16 February expressing concern about the slow implementation of election result in Bosnia and Hercegovina.
The Peace Implementation Council, held in Bonn in December 1997, concluded that the creation of effective customs and taxation services constituted a cornerstone of the implementation of the general framework agreement for peace in Bosnia and Hercegovina.
To this end, on July 25, 1996, the EU Council of Ministers adopted Regulation 1628/96/EC (amended by Regulation 2240/97/EC of November 10, 1997 and 851/98 of April 20, 1998), relating to aid to Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia.
It will be implemented as part of the European Union strategy for promoting the peace process and the transition of Bosnia and Hercegovina to a market economy.