Bosnia and Herzegovina

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a mountainous republic of south-central Europe

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The Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia Herzegovina thanked the government and the people of Pakistan for their continued support.
The EDB will be in Bosnia Herzegovina to explore the possibilities of investing in projects that are up for privatization and make a closer step for closer relations between the two countries, said the minister.
We will share our experiments with Bosnia Herzegovina on the health sector.
Libya aand Bosnia Herzegovina have asserted the importance of enhancing cooperation in all areas.
There are serious opportunities before us, and the governments (Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia Montenegro) are spending the money they want to join the European Union within the next decade, and need to get their infrastructures on par with Western Europe's.
Turkey is pursuing a policy that is important both for us and the region," Izetbegovic said, adding that Turkish-sponsored talks between Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia had yielded very positive results.
Summary: ANKARA (Cihan) - Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that the current status of the state should be preserved in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Erdogan said that Bosnia Herzegovina was passing through an important turning point, and this was a process to make important decisions that would influence its future.
com), a leading provider of value added service delivery platforms that enable the programmability of mobile and next generation networks, today announced that BH Telecom, the leading provider of both mobile and fixed network services in Bosnia Herzegovina, has chosen Telenity's Canvas(R) MMSC, Multimedia Messaging Service Center, for its GSM network and VAS providers.
Parliamentary friendship group of Iran and Bosnia Herzegovina held meeting with the Muslim member of the Bosnia Herzegovina Presidency, Haris Silajdzic in Sarajevo.
Nasdaq:RBAK), a leading provider of next-generation broadband networking systems, today announced that the Bosnia Herzegovina Telecom (d.
Holding a press conference after the meeting, Davutoglu said that they gathered five times in the last five months, and their meetings finally yielded results, adding that Bosnia Herzegovina would appoint an ambassador to Serbia in a short time and problems in diplomatic relations would be solved.
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