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Indian physicist who with Albert Einstein proposed statistical laws based on the indistinguishability of particles

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In 1945, Bose escaped from his residence in Calcutta (Kolkata) and slipped out of India on his way to Germany, via Afghanistan and Soviet Russia.
Another great grandnephew Sugata Bose had met the Home Minister over the " snoopgate" surveillance issue to request the declassification of all files, maintaining that declassification of files should not be selective.
By investing in the Bose Ride system, R+L Carriers is demonstrating a serious commitment to both its drivers and customers," says Bose Ride Chief Engineer and General Manager Mike Rosen.
During 2015, the programme will cover the entire country, and Airtel Rwanda and IJWI Rya Bose are now working out a plan to support more than 100 people with disabilities country-wide.
The ElectroForce Systems Group of Bose Corporation is a supplier of materials testing and durability simulation instruments to research institutions, universities, medical device companies, and engineering companies worldwide.
Please contact: Nandita Sood; Pratibha Kashyap Bose Corporation Private Limited Tel: +971566545463/; +919891049987 Email:nandita_sood@bose.
As a result of Beats' infringement of the '537 patent, Bose
Bose was a classical-music aficionado and a violin player, and he was dissatisfied with the inferior quality of a stereo system he bought as a student in the 1950s.
A lifelong music lover, McIlroy has been a Bose customer for years.
The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 includes a proprietary dual microphone system to improve speech intelligibility far beyond that of conventional Bluetooth headsets, rejecting background noise and dramatically reducing the audible effects of wind, a statement said.
Sujoy Bose, founder and Managing Director of Bose Packaging, said that there was a gap in the market which his company was ready to exploit.
AS WARWICKSHIRE doctor Dipankar Bose watched his wife battle tuberculosis he resolved to do all he could to warn others about the deadly disease.
Sarachandra Bose, who led the first team to join Hazare's hunger strike on August 16, is leading the second group as well.
Bose offers keen observation and real life in place of easy platitudes regarding what it means to be a First Nation person in Canada (Bose is a member of the N'laka'pamux Nation in south-central BC).
More than 3,000 students from four houses - Aryabhatta, C V Raman, J C Bose and Vikram Sarabhai - named after eminent Indian scientists, took part in the preliminaries held over the past three weeks for stage, non-stage and group events.