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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

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They identified 10 new alleles of the BoLA-DRB3 in the Indian Bos indicus cattle.
Proximate chemical composition and fatty acid profiles of Longissimus thoracis from pasture fed LHRH immunocastred, castrated and intact Bos indicus bulls.
A statistical comparison of the influence of crude fibre on the digestibility of roughages by Bos indicus (Zebu) and Bos taurus cattle.
Therefore, the gayal could not have originated from Bos taurus or Bos indicus, and its maternal bloodline of Bos taurus or Bos indicus might be the mtDNA introgression of Bos taurus or Bos indicus into the gayal's ancestor through interbreeding during historic times.
In case of SRY gene, Bos taurus SRY gene sequence (AB039748) was aligned with that of Bos indicus sequence (AY079145) and identified the nucleotide mismatches, which were used for the breed differentiation marker based on the PCR-RFLP using MseI restriction enzyme.
Allele frequencies of bovine HMGA1 SNPs were also investigated using PCR-RFLP tests in total 248 animals from 7 Bos taurus and 2 Bos indicus breeds.
In the tropical environments the use of Bos indicus x Bos taurus cattle is an efficient tool to improve the production index in farms.
In tests at the ARS Forage and Livestock Research Laboratory at El Reno, Oklahoma, Zavy studied differences in stress reaction between Bos taurus cattle, typically the British breeds, and the Bos indicus breeds, typified by Brahman cattle.
Both NJ and MP trees demonstrated that gayals were markedly divided into three embranchments: one embranchment clustering with Bos gaurus, another clustering with Bos taurus, and the third clustering with Bos indicus.
Cattle of the Bos indicus type, as typified by the Brahman breed, are better equipped by nature to survive sultry temperatures.
Live weight prediction equations have been developed for Bali cattle (Soeroso, 2004), and for Bos taurus and Bos indicus beef and dairy cattle breeds and their crossbreeds (Ulutas et al.
One conspicuous distinction: Bos indicus, including the humped cattle common to tropical countries, is generally slower to mature than Bos taurus, which includes the domestic breeds common to the temperate zones such as England and continental Europe.
The low intensity and short duration of signs of estrus in Bos indicus indicates that the work needed to correctly detect this period in cows is difficult and imprecise (Bo et al.
The phylogenetic tree (Figure 1) based on the deduced amino acid sequence showed that Bos indicus (Hariana) cattle are closely related to Bos taurus cattle and with buffalo form a single clad.
Nucleotide changes are indicated in colored letter with altered position, and the E3P1 alignment data of deduce amino acid from 1-38 is provided in lower portion in dark lines TLR4 E3P1 Species/ Accession number NA * % Altered identity position Bos indicus Sahiwal 100 NC EU816194 Bos taurus 99.