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one of the administrative divisions of a large city

an English town that forms the constituency of a member of parliament

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Borough president Diaz began by urging the audience to "think differently about the Bronx," and went on to say, "We are not the Bronx of the 70's, 80's or early 90's" and pointed out the borough has received $8 billion in private investments in the six year since he became Borough President.
Like much of Southwest Alaska, communities in the Lake and Peninsula Borough rely heavily on a subsistence lifestyle.
Top outer borough condos: Riverdale commands nearly all spots
But even the tepid borough plan proposed by council members Wendy Greuel and Janice Hahn, which offered more symbol than substance, suffered an overwhelming 10-4 defeat.
ADVANTAGEOUS DEBT PROFILE: The borough has very low debt levels with rapid amortization, benefiting from statutorily required state reimbursement of school construction costs (the state's general obligation bonds are rated 'AA+' by Fitch).
Our Borough Commissioners serve as stewards of development in neighborhoods throughout the City, and this rotation will ensure construction projects continue to move forward in a safe and timely manner," said Commissioner LiMandri.
When it comes to market growth and overall dollars and cents, of course Manhattan historically rules the roost, with yawning gaps in prices when stacked up next to the other four boroughs.
I don't know what bothers me the most about this borough idea; either it's the assumption voters are dumb enough to believe this is a real proposal or - no, that's what really bothers me.
The bonds are a GO of the borough supported by a covenant to levy taxes annually without limitation.
The postal board has secured a great deal for all the Boroughs as this deal has enabled all of them to have a cost efficient way for the procurement of postal services in London.
Last year, the median price of properties in the borough of Manhattan rose 19% to $200,000 per unit, and investors remain willing to accept initial returns ranging from 4.
She pointed out that the City Charter had language allowing boroughs up until the 1970s.
The Biosolids Facility proposed by interested companies must be capable of reliably processing all of the Boroughs biosolids and of a size to provide adequate merchant revenues to significantly offset Borough costs, be permittable, and be capable of meeting or exceeding Borough, Connecticut and Federal regulatory requirements .
Staten Island is the least-known of the city's five boroughs," said Kent Barwick, MAS president.
With the deadline looming less than a month away, members of a Los Angeles City Council panel Tuesday asked for more information about all their options to put a measure creating boroughs in the city on the Nov.